Future Generations University thrives with the support of those who share in our vision. Donations help provide scholarship to students who are revolutionizing the approach taken to changing and leading in their communities all over the world.

Support also goes towards developing exciting research innovations, such as the recent Everyday Peace Indicators project. This study in the realm of peacebuilding research partnered with United States Institute of Peace to develop a bottom-up process of identifying local indicators of peace that can be meaningfully integrated into policy processes.

Another initiative gaining widespread recognition is the implantation of our Biomeridian Research Project, which outlines an approach to grow a global framework for tracking the impact climate change has on local life. Phase One saw monitoring devices placed in Nepal’s remote Barun Valley, home to the highest mountains in the world.

Building from our belief that teachers are essential agents of change, the Bending Bamboo program has been developed to equip educators in both public and private education systems in Vietnam with specialized development knowledge and skills. Teacher confidence in language instruction is strengthened in a way that supports bilingualism and prepares them to address issues such as climate resilience and sustainable development.

We couldn’t do what we do without you, and we thank you for sharing our vision and helping to make it a reality for our students!



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